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Power Of Images

3 Things to Remember About The Power Of Images

Images are typically the major driving force behind every digital campaign, since users are becoming more sensitive to what they see, and how it affects their perception and psyche.

This is a coinage that suits this AGE of Consumer Thoughtfulness “What you see is what you purchase” (WYSIWYP).

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images:  Source

That being said, one of the usual platforms images are more widespread is on Social media. A user stumbles upon an image for few seconds and in a fraction of second the user is thrown into the planet of tight decision making whether to keep scrolling or pause to take a look at the image. This is a journey of thought that sends a great signal to the beholder’s memory lane.

Scientifically, images, the sight and colour have certain things in common. In the words of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton defined it as the sensation created in the eyes through light, this implies that it all starts and end with the sight.

This brings us to why every image must be able to capture the user’s attention in a jiffy using a very catchy image will get this job done.

Correspondingly, here are three major things to consider in holding the unseen User spell-bound.

Must Be Unique and Pleasing to the Sight

Every image whether good or bad sends a particular message to the viewer, it’s either positive or negative. Look for an image that stands out of the crowd, every one possesses an iota of creativity which comes to play in their choices about designs or any work of art. Avoid over-crowding the image with long lines of call to action (CTAs) and text, this is why Brevity, Clarity and Simplicity are concepts that rule the Social media world, it makes users want to share your content on different social media channels.

Understand the Psychology behind Colors

According to a recent study 90% of spur-of-the-moment decisions made around merchandises are usually centered on color alone. SOURCE:

The primary colours: RED – YELLOW – BLUE and the Secondary Colours: Purple green and orange all evoke different emotions on the part of the users.

Experiment with bright colors, and come up simple designs that can make a user want to stop by and look. Ensure that emphasis is placed on a particular subject so that the message behind the image is not lost at the end. Just BE Creative.

Consider the Brand

Every campaign must lean on the Brand being projected, when this is lost then there’s bound to be Disharmony.  Your copy, your content and the image must all blend well in order to create a unique impression in the consumers’ mind. NOTE: A User’s first contact or awareness with/of a product or a brand matters a lot. This will help to maintain the brand continuity with a distinctive appearance across all marketing channels.

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