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Best Investment in Nigeria

Getting money from whatever it is you’re doing is one thing but planning or investing your income in the Best Investment in Nigeria is an even bigger deal. You can make more money when you and your money work. This happens when your money fetches you more money. Have you ever thought about why certain people’s net-worth increases whether or not their fixed income increases? The secret is what I’ve learned and intend to share with you. Investing is one method that puts your money to work for you, the other is saving. In a not so favorable economy like Nigeria, it is important to go the extra mile and take advantage of certain profitable opportunities especially in the most promising sectors available.

While it is fantastic to have your money work for you, it is important to keep in mind that your money can’t work for you unless you work it. By working it, I mean investing your money in diverse profitable ways that I bet you never knew existed. This entails putting your money into an investment with the aim of making profit or getting an advantage. A financial investment is one that allows you place your cash into a means with the expectation that it will develop or acknowledge into a bigger total of cash. Investing funds mostly pays off after a period of time. Hence, whatever form of investment you engage yourself with; it should be one that makes your money work for you in the long run.

There are several great investment plans you can take advantage of. Having an additional or back up source of resources is the most recommended by worldwide renowned economists. The little money you waste everyday can turn into a huge amount when you save them.

Saving and investing bits of your finances is always very profitable. The major reason being that you do not really inconvenience yourself in the cause of setting apart a little from you earnings yet it always comes off as a surprise how those bits grow into large sums after a period of time. So many testimonies have arisen from people who have taken the advantage of investing their funds, especially in the various ways I’m about to teach you.

I have carefully investigated and selected some of the best savings and investment options. After reading the options, it’s up to you to find out which ever one of these amazing investment opportunities floats your boat.

Invest your money with Piggyvests

PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. It was first launched on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings platform only. Previously known as Piggybank, they offered only savings features to the users for three years, then in April 2019, Piggybank rebranded to “Piggyvest”. They soon began to offer direct investment opportunities as well to their users. With over 350,000 users and counting, they help these users manage their finances.

Piggyvest affords you a great opportunity to manage and grow your finances. Investing has been made easier and more accessible with Piggyvest as it is an online savings and investments application that is currently making waves in Nigeria and West Africa. The system is one of the most innovative investment developed opportunity which enables savers to separate and invest the funds which they don’t want to withdraw or spend. It enables you to save a particular amount daily while restricting you from withdrawing your money until the specific date you set to collect your money during the course of setting you up your Piggyvest account. The platform restricts withdrawals until an agreed date or users can withdraw their savings on a quarterly basis. Nevertheless, savings withdrawn outside of agreed day attract a 5% early withdrawal fee.

What are the savings options and features available in Piggyvest?

  1. It has an auto save feature: The piggy vest is set up in a way that is linked to your main account. You are not at risk when you use this option because your card details are safe. This is because they partner with Paystack (a leading Nigerian payment processor) which is PCIDSS compliant and secured with SSL encrypted connection. After selecting an amount you want to save daily, it automatically transfers that amount to your saver account and locks the money until whatever date you set to get it back. Nevertheless, if there’s no money for a particular day it automatically skips that day.
  2. QuickSave: This option enables you to add more funds to your Piggybank savings. You can add up to N200,000 at once with this option, you can however add this multiple times in a single day. ​
  3. Flex Dollar: This is a feature that lets you save, invest and transfer funds in Dollar. You may fund your flex dollar account from your flex Naira wallet or your bank card. All you need to do is select an amount in dollar you will like to purchase, then select a funding source and complete the transaction. The minimum you can save with this account is $1. You can withdraw in Naira or Dollar as you so wish. Your withdrawal in Naira will be at the stated parallel market rate. When withdrawing in Dollar, the funds are sent to your Dollar denominated domiciliary bank account. Get up to 7% interest using flex dollar.
  4. It encourages safe lock and target savings.

With safe lock, you can save your money without access to withdraw it until the stipulated time set by you to meet a specific need. It could be to buy a car, start up a business, pay for your tuition and so on. You can also save as a group using the target saving option to meet the forefront need of you and your team. These encourages family saving because the entire family can deposit whatever amount of money they desire or can path with to the joint safe and watch it grow to meet their set need. This is a perfect way to pay up house rent/bills academic fees or other large collective and basic bills without much inconvenience. You get up to 15.5% interest on your money using the safe lock and up to 10% using target savings option.

  1. You have the opportunity to withdraw cash once every three months when you save using the piggybank wallet.

What are the advantages of investing with Piggyvest?

  • Depositing into your PiggyVest account is absolutely free. If you miss a scheduled deposit, you can always use the QuickSave option which allows you to deposit up to N500,000 at once. Daily deposit is between N50-N25,000. Weekly is between N1,000 to N100,000. Monthly deposit range is between N3,000 to N500,000.
  • The ultimate advantage of making use of piggyvest is that you’re not just saving, You’re saving to invest. It offers at least 10% interest rate per year. This means that you get 10% of whatever amount you have saved added to your money at the end of each year. PiggyVest also offers 13% to users locked into its SafeLock plan. Remember that access to your money using the safe lock plan is set depending on when you need it to meet a particular need. Hence, at the end of the wait, you get 13% of whatever amount you have saved. The interest could rise to as much as 15%, depending on how long the money remains in their system.
  • This platform allows you the opportunity to make money by just telling friends about it, using a unique referral link, you earn handsomely whenever any of your referral joins the platform. It’s a good opportunity to tap into your social media network and make some money with ease.
  • PiggyVest just added an investment feature where you can invest in agriculture, production and industries right from the app. This means that you get over 20% of the money invested as an addition to your money back after a short period of wait. You should cease this opportunity during the pandemic to cash out and ensure financial security for yourself and family.

Invest smart with Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a financial management technology that helps users or subscribers to manage and adequately utilize their finances. It is a financial services and investment company based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a FinTech company that democratizes access to premium financial services by making these services available to the mass market.

This is another fantastic investment opportunity to get involved in especially during the pandemic. It is a bit similar to Piggyvest but has its own outstanding benefits. The saving option available using Cowrywise are;

  1. Savings Circle: This is a group saving feature. With the savings circle you can save/invest with family and friends together towards projects and goals. There are 2 types; collections and challenges. You can find out more about the savings circle here
  2. Regular Plan: This plan type allows you choose to either automate your periodic savings (you can specify daily, weekly or monthly savings) or save anytime you want to. You earn interest on this plan based on how long it is locked for. This also means you can only withdraw from it after the maturity (withdrawal) date. You can also rollover the plan for another period after maturity at a click of a button. The minimum duration for regular plans is 3 months.
  3. Life Goals: Life goals are long term financial commitments that enable you meet long term financial objectives in an easy, convenient and rewarding way. You can choose any of our life goals and automate saving into them on daily, weekly or monthly basis. These life goals include Education, Vacation, Family, Business, Home, and Retirement. The minimum duration for Life Goal is 1 year. You will be able to withdraw or rollover the plan after maturity.
  4. Halal Savings: This is similar to the Regular Plan except that it does not earn interest. This is particularly suitable for Muslims who want to save in a disciplined manner but do not want interest; the plan is also locked till maturity.
  5. One Time Savings: This is not a plan on its own, it is our savings top up feature. You can use this feature to top up any of your existing plans anytime with any amount at all and at anytime.

Benefit of investing with Cowrywise

  • Cowrywise operates a compound interest system. What this means is that it gives you bit by bit interest on your savings as well as annual interest. It offers a minimum of 10% per annum which can grow as high as 15% depending on how long your money stays in.
  • Cowrywise is in partnership with some investment companies like meristem an Afrinvest which has a enabled participation in capital market. savers have an option of investing funds in large companies like Nestle, Dangote cement and yield profit from it. You can also invest in mutual funds.

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is a type of financial vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers, who allocate the fund’s assets and attempt to produce capital gains or income for the fund’s investors. It can also be best understood as a pool of money run by a professional or group of professionals called the “investment adviser.” In a managed fund, after investigating the prospects of many companies, the fund’s investment adviser will pick the stocks or bonds of companies and put them into a fund.

In order not to make a blind choice, the investment sector you go for is recommended according to what suits your risk profile. The investment interests varies depending on the sector you decide to invest in but Cowrywise is a trustworthy investment platform.

Invest with Carbon (previously known as Paylater)

Carbon is one of Nigeria’s leading digital financial platforms that gives quick loans to it users. Carbon is a CBN approved investment application. It is a bit different from the investment platform suggested previously. You can get easy access to launch without guarantors or collateral within a very short period of time between (5 to 20 minutes). The loan attracts an interest rates from as low as 5% monthly on the first loan. Come on funds loans ranges from 1500naira- 1,000,000 Naira with a payback period of about a 4 to 64 weeks. The cardboard loan is mostly recommended to service a short term loan. To repay the loan, you just have to fund the account which your card is linked to. Login to your account via the app and click on repay loan.

How do you apply for a Carbon loan?

  1. Download the application and Register

Before you can have access to the Carbon loan, you have to download the application on your mobile phone or computer. After downloading the Carbon app, the next step is to register. Provide all details required. From your name, phone number, email and so on.

  1. Upload a photo

You will be required to upload your photo before you can access loans. The photo will be taken real time. This simply means that you will take the photo right there from the app with the aid of your phone’s camera.

  1. Apply for loan

The next step to take after uploading your photo and providing other valid information is to request for loan. You will see a button asking you to request for loan. Follow the instruction and give all details. Then submit application.

  1. Wait for loan offer

After application, you have to wait for a decision. This does not take long normally. Just few minutes.

  1. Accept loan and provide repayment details

Once a loan has been offered. You accept it and provide your card details where you want to pay back from.

  1. Get your loan!

As soon as you complete the last step, your loan will be in your wallet in minutes. It is a very fast process. From your wallet you can transfer it to your bank account instantly, send it to others or use it to pay bills.

Benefits of carbon

  • You earn discount benefits on your loan for every referral you make.
  • you unlock access to higher loan amount when you pay your loans on time.
  • You can also use carbon to invest your money from as low as 100 Naira to 10,000,000 Naira and earn up to 16% profit per annum. All you need to do is download the app, activate PV and deposit funds. Your phones plus interest and return to you at maturity.
  • They offer investors an opportunity to invest at least N50,000 naira on their platform and earn interest of up to 15% annually.
  • You can apply for an SME (small to medium scale business) finance loan for your business with less paperwork and no collateral. Nevertheless, this offer is open for businesses which meet the following criteria;
  1. Have been in operation for over six months
  2. Have up to 1 million in monthly revenue and need easily accessible credit to purchase certain needed goods which would generate more income for their businesses.
  3. The short term loans available for businesses are with 5% interest rates per month. Returning customers I charge 4% interest rates.

Take advantage of carbon to invest in your tomorrow.

Invest on shares with

This is a full-blown investment app backed by Sankore Investment Ltd and is registered with the Nigerian stock exchange and regulated by the securities and exchange commission. is a product of WealthTech Limited – a financial technology company that believes in fostering financial inclusion by developing cutting edge technological products. It affords you the opportunity to invest your money in buying shares. The stock market is beneficial in the sense that it allows you to sell your stock at any time.

What are stocks?

A stock is a share in the ownership of a company. By investing in the stocks of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) you become part owner of the listed companies and can benefit from share price growth and/or income paid as dividends.

The stock market indeed is among one of the many prospective places for investing your money. Investing in stocks give moderately high potential returns. Most investors intend to buy low and then sell high. They invest in fast-growing companies that appreciate in value. If you invest wisely, your stocks may significantly increase in value. The advantage of investing with is that they make the financial decisions for you. They have a group of financial experts in the stock exchange market to do this. There are multiple options you can use to add money to your wallet or pay for an investment. This can be done using debit/credit cards or through bank transfer. is a perfect financial investment opportunity that places you on the right fit. This means that you first gets to learn the kind of investor you are by using certain demographic and information like your age, income and retirement age. It has so simplified wealth generation even for those who earn so little and affords them a better opportunity to secure their future. offers stocks of blue-chip companies, with high growth potential and long-term value, located across the globe. They buy shares on you’ll be health and help you manage the collection of dividends. Nevertheless, the shares you buy cannot be transferred to another person because it won’t be in your name. You’ll have to liquidate your shares (turn shares to cash or sell shares) before you can transfer. The fees are around 500 narrow when buying and one points 35% broker commission when you dispose off your shares. offers a variety of investment products such as treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds, agriculture, and real estate assets. Depending on your preference and needs, you can invest in short-term products like the 30-day treasury bills or long term products like stocks and real estate assets.

What are treasury bills?

Treasury Bills are government guaranteed debt instruments issued by CBN on their behalf to finance expenditure. Treasury bills are short-term sovereign debt securities maturing in one year or less. They are sold at a discount and redeemed at par. These bills are by nature, the most liquid money market securities and are backed by the guarantee of the Federal Government of a nation. Treasury ills is a good source of steady

Stream of income. Treasury Bills are a good investment for people who wish to save and a good outlet for your free and disposable cash. The interest element of a treasury bill is paid to you upfront and credited to your bank account. For example, if you purchase a ₦100,000 TB with an interest rate of 10% and your account is debited with ₦90,000 as such your ₦10,000 interest is paid up front. Upon maturity, you are paid the face value ₦100,000. provides certain other investment options;

  1. Fixed income

Fixed income is broadly understood to carry lower risk than stocks. This is because fixed income assets are generally less sensitive to macroeconomic risks, such as economic downturns and geopolitical events. It provides periodic income payments for an interest rate which grows with time. Fixed income investments can help you generate a steady source of income as investors receive a fixed amount of income at regular intervals.

  1. Treasury bills

This option comes with minimum risk and fixed interest rates. It lasts between 90 to 180 days.

  1. Bonds: Bonds are loans taken from investors by corporate organizations to raise funds. This option is ideal for those with minimal risk appetite. When you invest in bonds, you lend your money to an organization that needs capital. The bond issuer is the borrower/debtor. You, as the bond holder, are the creditor. When the bond matures, the issuer pays the holder back the original amount borrowed, called the principal. The issuer also pays regular fixed interest payments made under an agreed-upon time period. That’s the creditor’s profit. There are bonds that can be redeemed prior to their specified maturity date, and bonds that can be exchanged for shares of a company.

What are the benefits of using

  1. It gives you Access to a bouquet of investment products, denominated in Naira and Dollars, with attractive interest rates
  2. Access to Expert wealth-creation advice from seasoned wealth management experts. You will have a Personal WealthAdvisor available round the clock.
  3. You enjoy competitive returns on your investments, so rather than leave your funds to remain idle in your wallet, you can take advantage of investing to grow your net worth.

You don’t need to have a huge amount of money to start investing. Once you have a little money to play with, you can start to invest. Finally, a way to make your money work for you is through you. What this means is that it is always worth investing in yourself, in gaining new and varied competencies. When you start to invest, your life becomes easier. This is especially because as you work for your money, you put your money in the right position to work for you. Either you work for your money or your money works for you: it is all in your hands

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