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5 ways to get more clients for your Business

Getting customers sometimes isn’t always romantic…

Sometimes it can be all hustle.

Let’s get through 5 ways you can get more customers.

1. Paid Advertising
This involves utilising platforms to acquire customers. It can be online or offline, they include online ads, print ads, billboards etc.
You must very specific with your ads and know why you’re setting it up, whether it’s for brand awareness, lead generation or making sales.
Also be specific with your target market online in terms of age range, interests and more.
Always monitor your ads to see what’s working and what’s not.

2. Cold Calling/Cold Emailing
This involves having a list of prospects you don’t personally know and contacting them through the phone or email.
There are online directories like Vconnect or BusinessList and lots more where you can get the contact of business owners.
This works best for B2B or service oriented businesses. As long as you have a product/service that adds real value to people’s lives don’t be shy to pick up that phone and make that call.

3. Hiring a Sales team/Affiliate Marketing
This involves having a team of experienced sales people. The upside to this is that they’re already experienced and proven.
You can set targets for them and pay on performance.

4. Joint Ventures/Strategic Partnerships
This involves partnering with businesses who already have your customers.
This must be a win/win type of relationship and not just a parasitic one.
Examples can include a law firm and a web design agency deciding to partner up. They can cross promote each others services to existing customers and make additional money.
Another example can be partnering with social media influencers who are relevant to your product or service. They can get a percentage on sales that come from them.

5. Word of Mouth/Referrals
This is obviously the aftermath of all of the above. This can only be done when your customers are happy or (else you might be the one doing the word of mouth in a prison cell or in court)… Just kidding. You can also take matters into your hands and give customers an incentive to make referrals maybe through a discount or something else. You can get creative with this.

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5 Ways to get more clients for your Business
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5 Ways to get more clients for your Business
Getting customers sometimes isn't always romantic.. Sometimes it can be all hustle. Let's get through 5 ways you can get more customers.
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