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Our client Dr Chinasa @ariellafitness never believed that Fitness would be her passion, She even found climbing the staircase to her apartment very strenuous and couldn’t imagine doing more than that 😰

Sadly, she had a stint with high blood pressure six years ago and decided to take charge of her health

So she went online and read every material on losing weight and keeping it off, she successfully lost weight and it was a turning point in her life 💪🏾 , However, when people who knew how she looked before saw her fitting into a UK size ten…they wanted to do what she did.

Then, it hit her… it was time to turn this new passion to profit!

She took up a couple of women, and helped them, personally, to lose weight over a period of six weeks. The results were outstanding. She fixed a price. This made clients a lot more committed to the journey.

In 2015 after being referred by she contacted us to build her Website, upon speaking to her for the first time, I noticed she was different, not like other clients, she had an open mind willing to learn and absorb, she ended up teaching me a few things about MY JOB 🙌🏾 She took the business online. And that was one of the best decisions she made. Aside from reaching more people, she was able to have control of most of her time.

Here is her advice to Entrepreneurs: – Test drive your passion for free, and take note of feedback. This would make you better
– When monetizing your passion, start small.
– Experience is not always enough. Certification is an added advantage.
– Be ready for change.
– Your passion is your baby. Love it!

Sharing is caring!