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install Web Application using WAMP

To install Web Application using WAMP you need the WAMP server (Open Source Application). It is a combination of Apache, MySQL and PHP.

To learn how to download and Install WAMP visit our previous post:

WAMP is made solely for the Windows Operating System. Once WAMP server has been installed properly, you can continue with the steps below

  • A ‘WWW’ folder will be located at C:\wamp\www, in that folder paste the software Application files and folders (which may contain PHP files, images, Javascript etc.) The Application files must be placed in the root directory of C:\wamp\www
  • Turn your WAMP On by clicking the WAMP shortcut icon that appears on your desktop after installation, run the WAMP program, the WAMP icon should turn green on your taskbar
  • Put your WAMP server Online as shown in the image below
Screenshot showing turn on your WAMP server

Screenshot showing how to turn on your WAMP server

Go to your browser and on the url textfeild, type ‘localhost’ and hit Enter, if the site gives you a ‘Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server’ error, then you need to put your WAMP server online

If you installed everything properly, you should see the Home Page of Your Web Application

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