Instagram has never officially told us how the algorithm chooses what to show you until now…

They have FINALLY opened up and told everyone exactly how their mysterious algorithm works. Thank you Tech Crunch for the following info:


1) Interest:
Based on your past behaviour, – how you interact with similar content, machine analysing the post for potential interest

2) Recency:
How long ago the post was shared

3) Relationship:
How close you are to the person who shared the post: e.g. how much you interact with the sharer, dm’s, times you were tagged in the same photos etc

Other factors include:

– Frequency: It will try and show you new posts since you last opened Instagram
– Following: If you follow lots of people Instagram will show you more of a variety of people
– Usage: If you use Instagram for longer time periods it will show you a greater range of content


– Instagram is not going back to chronological
– Instagram doesn’t ‘hide’ any posts in the feed – if you scroll long enough you will see ALL content
– Instagram doesn’t ‘prefer’ any medium e.g. video or photo- but it gives you what you’ve previously interacted with. If you don’t like seeing videos – chances are you will see less videos
– Instagram doesn’t favour people who use its’ special features e.g. live
– Instagram doesn’t downrank you for posting too frequently but it may swap around your content for variation by including in between photos from other accounts
– Having a biz or personal account has no effect on your reach
shadowboxing is a myth


Don’t get caught up in Instagram conspiracy theories. There are always SO many rumours flying around to do with shadowbanning or things that are limiting your reach, engagement drops etc.

It is NORMAL (and widespread) for your account to fluctuate as the platform grows and the nature of the users behaviour changes.

Post high quality content, give VALUE to a specific target audience of followers, reach out and create real connections with your audience and you will gain value back from using the platform.

What do you think about what Instagram has to say?