Microsoft Office is now Available on Android

I’m pleased to announce to you that Microsoft Office is now Available on Android, you can now get the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android phone. Download them using the following links.

Below are a list of reasons you should download these apps

  • Reviews and edit Document on the move—The app allows you review and edit Documents without having to go to your laptop, making Business very convenient and fast
  • Presenting from my phone—With PowerPoint included, you can now do all your Presentations from you phone, although you would need a phone with a big screen to make this effective
  • Access Document quickly from anywhere—If you were working on a document at the office and needed to move out quickly, you can still access these document and continue your work on the go, it allows you access documents stored on One Drive, Google Drive etc
  • Easily available—Its on the Play Store and Android is the most used operating system in Nigeria, how easy can that get, all you need to do is have an Android phone

It will be suitable for Android users who spend most of their time using Office as opposed to Google Docs.

What are you waiting for? download the Word for Android, Excel for Android and PowerPoint for Android apps from the Google Play Store

Hurray! Microsoft Office is now Available on Android