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Starting an online store

An eCommerce Website helps you sell online. Have you been thinking of Starting an eCommerce Website in Nigeria? Have you always wanted to have an online share of the market by starting an eCommerce Website?

According to the online researcher and e-marketer, “while eCommerce across the rest of the world is growing at 16.8 per cent, Africa’s e-commerce space is growing at a rate of 25.8 per cent, making it the fastest-growing in the world”.

This article will take you through the various steps so that you will know the type of questions to ask your web developer when investing in your eCommerce Website in Nigeria.

Steps to Starting an eCommerce Website

Get a Domain Name: A domain name is the unique string address to your website, for example, is a unique web address to Facebook, no other company can use that name. When choosing your domain name, you should think about what your customers call you the most, for example, a company named Anatech Technologies may be called ‘Anatech’ by customers, therefore the suitable domain name for this company is

Get a Web Hosting Service: The next step is to get hosting space, a Host as the name suggests is where your eCommerce Website files reside thereby making it accessible to the World Wide Web (WWW). Good hosting companies will have a Control panel for webserver management and service applications which include email accounts that are associated with your domain name e.g.

In starting your eCommerce Website in Nigeria, look for hosting companies that specialize in eCommerce hosting as they offer services pertaining to the eCommerce industry, one of such is SSL Encryption. In conclusion, ensure your host has the following;

  1. Database server software
  2. Scripting software
  3. An operating system
  4. Can create an email address

Payment Gateway:  According to, “eCommerce: Payment Gateways”, a payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers etc.

It can be described as an online version of your physical Point of Sale (POS), it accepts payment and protects your credit card information from fraudsters by encrypting information that passes through it

Find out our recommended payment gateways here: How you can start accepting card payments online

Get a Web Developer: A Web developer will help you integrate the above services and build your actual eCommerce site, taking your personal design into consideration, we at Anatech have vast knowledge in eCommerce website design and development and can take care of all your needs, we also provide maintenance. Contact us if you need a reliable company to handle your eCommerce Website needs

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Starting an eCommerce Website in Nigeria
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Starting an eCommerce Website in Nigeria
An eCommerce Website helps you sell online. Have you been thinking of starting an eCommerce Website in Nigeria? Read more to find out how
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