using jCalendar

using jCalendar

Using jCalendar

Using jCalendar is simple, it is a Java Date chooser bean that help a user choose dates more easily. it comes with an easy to use GUI that can generate dates at a click of a button, aiding coding on the part of the developer. The jCalendar comes bundled with jDayChooser, jMonthChooser, jYearChooser.

Ensure you have the jCalendar.jar added to your classpath, installation links are provided below

The following are the component beans of jCalendar

  • jDateChooser: Inorder to choose a full date, you need the jDateChooser, the date commes in different formats i.e 7/10/12, 7-10-12 etc. this explicitly specifies the date, month and year
  • jCalendar: This helps in choosing a day, a month and a year
  • jYearChooser: This uses a spin field enabling the user choose a year
  • jMonthChooser: This uses a jCombobox that helps the user choose a month
  • jDayChooser: This lets you choose a day by displaying a panel were the user can choose a day from

Remember you must have your Java SE installed and you can choose the local to which your dates display

Download here

Thank you for reading this post, go ahead and start using jCalendar