Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance Features

When you’ve finished building your website, you need to keep it fresh, new and relevant, regular content updates can be an inexpensive way to keep in contact with your clients and ensure your website stays relevant. Here are the activities that will be performed on your behalf

  • Content Updates: Give your content a spring clean to spark interest and target your market.
  • Seasonal Changes: New prices, tour dates and your latest rates.
  • News, Specials and Events: Add a blog tool to keep your clients up-to-date with the latest events or leave it with our team of professional designers to promote your next special.
  • Contact Details and Location Changes: If you have changed location, phone number, shampoo or email address.
  • New Images: Revamp your web pages with new and improved images of your business.
  • New Features and Products: Do you have a new product, new department or new service? Use your website to advertise these changes.
  • Staff Changes: Let your clients know who has been promoted, your staff’s contact details and who they need to be in contact with… and many more

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