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Meet our client @reedas_handmade who makes beautiful crochet clothing while using the best of yarn

Her journey started years ago in 2015 when she was pregnant for her first child, she was browsing for a net for Baby items and came across a Crotchet bootie and thought she could make one, so she followed some Youtube tutorials but failed woefully on her first attempt because she did not follow some basic instructions like the yarn weight etc… 😭😭😭 She initially gave up

2 years later she picked it up and realized that she couldn’t make a bootie or a dress without knowing the basics of crochet and other rules.”YOU CAN’T BUILD ON NOTHING AND EXPECT IT TO STAND”

Recently she contacted us to design her website and it was such a wonderful experience, we learnt so much from her as a client

Like any entrepreneur, at some point you will feel like giving up as you think you are failing, you’re not good enough or that your idea is no good.

Everyone goes through this stage at some point — or multiple points — in their lives, entrepreneur or not. The important thing is to keep going and not to give up. If you truly want something then strive to make it a reality and work at it every day.

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